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New Distribution for New Earth Records



Now celebrating its 25th year, New Earth Records announces an agreement with Boulder, Colorado-based Sounds True to become the independent label’s exclusive distributor in the United States. New Earth Records products will be distributed and marketed by Sounds True beginning October 20, 2014.

New Earth Records was founded in September 1989 at the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India and has grown to collaborate with artists including Terry Oldfield, Rasa, Kamal, Chinmaya Dunster, and healing music icon Deuter. Committed to spiritual enrichment, a healthy lifestyle, and an eco-conscious future, New Earth Records features albums designed specifically to enhance healing through relaxation, meditation, yoga and the healing arts.

“We found that our company philosophies are a perfect match for each other and look forward to a successful, long lasting relationship”, says Bhikkhu Schober, President of New Earth Records. “We are convinced that our new partnership with Sounds True will benefit both of our audiences and there will be continued growth in the ever-expanding market of body, mind and spirit”.

Like Sounds True, New Earth Records is dedicated to sustainable business practices and all of the company’s printed materials from catalogs to CD booklets are printed on recycled papers using soy and vegetable inks.

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