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New Interview with Kitaro


Turkish Airline’s magazine Skylife has a nice interview with Kitaro. It goes like this:

Q: Your music has a different sound. What are the sources you draw on?

Kitaro: When I was a young man back in the sixties, I listened to rock’n’roll and a lot of different music. Then I gave it up. More than somebody who listens to music, I wanted to be somebody who produces music. The listener listens to a lot of things, but that’s not for me, because when I start composing after listening to a lot of songs, all the sounds I use are inspired by what I’ve been listening to, so it’s not really “my” music. I want to produce my own music. That’s why I stopped listening to music almost completely after I started making music. I am westernized in terms of instruments and technique. But I’m more focused on the psychological and spiritual aspect of the business. On the really important things…

Read it here.