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Medwyn Goodall has lots of news for us; Medicine Woman 5 is ready and is due for release soon. MG Music also presents the new series Earth Tones as seen above.

Medwyn gives this presentation of the albums:

Each [Earth Tone] title is a sacred place where the mind can rest, be still and bath in the natural ambience. Natural sounds and sparse tones of instruments create the delicate space as if you were actually there. A hybrid between nature and meditation music.

Fill your home with ambience, transport your mind, meditate, use for sleep disorders, or simply chill out after a hard day. Choose your setting, your perfect environment. I have personally been using “Ocean Meditation” since I heard it and after working all day this turns me into a chilled out zombie within minutes.

You can sample the albums here.

Medwyn Goodall has made a new homepage dedicated to his music, since Medwyngoodall.net is his label’s homepage. You’ll find the new homepage here.


Paul Sills is finishing a new Sleep album, Jon Richards has seceral albums close to completion. Medwyn is also working on a Lord of the Rings influenced title “Elven”. So we are set for a very exciting Sept-to-Dec release period.