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News from Soraya and Terry Oldfield


Click to read the news Soraya and Terry Oldfield has for us now in March.

Well the weather is becoming kinder here on the coast and we have had wonderful cleansing rain for which we are grateful.

We head to Europe in October with Concerts and workshops in Belgium, Spain, Sweden, UK, Denmark, and Holland. More information coming. This will be followed by the very special 2 week retreat in INDIA. Why not join us for this exotic transformational holiday.

Terry is working on a beautiful instrumental album at the moment to be released through New Earth Records mid year. We are also recording new Music for Peace songs that we will share at our upcoming concerts although you will have to wait for that new album. It will be very special and dedicated to our vision of world peace.

Aroma Yoga with Music for Peace has been wonderfully received by the students attending. We have a waiting list for this very special class in our home. We have decided to open another class after easter for 10 weeks, either a day or an evening. Please respond to soraya@soulpurposemastery.com if you would like to join us on either a Tuesday @ 6pm, or Wed morning @ 10.00am and we will offer another class accordingly.

Finally I have been busily writing and aim to complete my book by September for the World Suicide Prevention Day which is the day my son Prem left us.  It has been a huge cathartic work for me however one that has brought with it deeper growing in a humble and compassionate light and greater consciousness. May I be of greater service to the world community through its sharing. 

with Love Soraya & Terry

For more information, check out Terryoldfield.com