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Nitish Kulkarni – Synesthetic Now Out



Nitish Kulkarni’s debut album, Synesthetic, has now been released. Nitish is 20 years old and comes from Bloomington, IN, United States. He is a rising artist in the instrumental scene and has been called the next Yanni by hundreds of people who have heard his early work.

It’s always exciting to check out a new artist, and it feels even more rewarding when you realize that this is an artist that has the potential to become a star. Influenced by his Indian heritage and American upbringing, Nitish’s music incorporates musical instruments and styles from all around the world. His debut album blends together electronic and acoustic sounds from over 50 different musical instruments!

Synesthetic has been produced by John Adorney, who is also a featured artist on two tracks.

The CD is available on Eversound’s homepage. The album is not yet up on iTunes or Spotify. We’ll keep you updated on that.



Javier, Nitish and John