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OM – The Magical Mantra



The album OM by Medwyn Goodall and Terry Oldfield (and several other artists) became a new age music classic almost overnight when it was released by MG Music in 2007. Now OM II was released two years later. It was in every respect a worthy follow-up, and took the OM project even further – creating an atmosphere that is perfect for relaxation and meditation. It is a proof that the OM mantra is growing in power when repeated.

The big difference between OM and OM II is that this time around it is not Terry Oldfield that plays the flute, but Aroshanti (Nick Truch). Terry’s flute is in my opinion impossible to replace, but Aroshanti is doing a terrific job – like he also has on previous albums like True Reiki II – Reiki Healing and Clearzone Sound Essence.

The other big difference is that OM II has much less melodic structure. There is a lot more improvisation, both in the flute and guitar parts (played by Medwyn Goodall), which is really taking the OM project to new heights. It is the new age music equivalent of a jam session, giving the melody a softer, less constructed feel. For meditation use this is very positive.

The second installment in the OM series is a joint venture between several artists. Medwyn Goodall and Aroshanti are accompanied by other MG Music artists such as Guy Sweens, Runestone, Threefold, Paul Sills, Oshwari, Andrew Kinsella and Simon Lovelock. Yes, it is truly a selection of some of the finest artists around and a statement of MG Music’s quality artist catalogue. They all add their fingerprint to the production.

The tracks on the album are all long, between 5 and 7 minutes, which makes it great for meditation. And I must mention that there is a very good continuity between the tracks, so you might end up thinking about OM II as one track. The rich synth pads are the soundscape’s foundation, while the guitar and flute come and go, sometimes sharing the microphone.

This is the new age music equivalent of a jam session, giving the melody a softer, less constructed feel.

The first few tracks take you into a dream world, as blue as the cover photo and as magical as the OM symbol. My favorite song on the album is Starfield, where Medwyn’s guitar, a distant piano and Aroshanti’s flute intertwine beautifully. And like any quality meditation album it also contains a wake up track, the last one, produced by Guy Sweens. After the slow 11th track it is quite a shower of sound. Here there are some obvious Enigma references with samples and a powerful rhythm too, not very different from his acclaimed India series. A different but effective ending; this song takes you back to mother earth in just about six minutes.

OM II is just as good as the first one. It is simply a great package; inspired artists working together to create the ultimate OM experience.

What more can we, the fans, ask for? That they include a flying carpet?

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