Paradiso & Rasamayi's New Album



New Age music artists Paradiso & Rasamayi announce that their new album Celestial Resonance will begin manufacture in just a few short weeks.

About the album Paradiso & Rasamayi write:

“Celestial Resonance” will be a two CD set: the Journey format has no tonal or musical ‘breaks’ in between songs, and is ideal for supporting your meditation and healing practices. The Milestones version is for those who want to either enjoy the music in the shuffle experience of an iPod or similar delivery device, or to entrain to the frequencies of a particular portion of the journey by putting that song on “repeat” without jarring transitions from the song’s ending back to its beginning.

They also have a successful Kickstarter project going:

Our Kickstarter minimum of $2222 to manufacture the album has been met! Our new goal: $7777 to also cover the international radio campaign! Every pledge counts; thank You for Yours!
It is time for us to embody the limitless heart energy of the angelic realm. This special two CD album, “Celestial Resonance,” is here to help our progress along that path in a musical experience which is also a soul attunement to the Infinite Heart.

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