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Peter Kater – Call of Love Review



One of my favorite Peter Kater albums is his 2010 album Call of Love. It is about love in all its forms. It is the most exitential of feelings. On the cover Kater sums it up in a marvelous way:

Words cannot express the joy and elation I feel when I allow myself to experience and BE with the almost unreasonable beauty that IS our natural world, our Home. I thank the Universe/God that I CAN experience its awe and wonderment as often as I do. I know this perfection IS Reality. And for some unexplainable miracle, I can see it. I can hear its silent roar. It calls to me. Touches me . . . reaches out and talks to me. It reminds me that I am not alone as I am absorbed into its profound presence. The unspeakable shift. The unthinkable gift. Elation. Here, in the “real” world, the natural world, within each moment and from every direction, resounds the Call Of Love.

Going into the studio with such a powerful message, this album simply HAD to become great and inspired. It sure is. It is an album that from the very first piano note takes the listener on a musical voyage that is as colorful as Spar Street‘s wonderful cover artwork. Nine time Grammy nominee Peter Kater is always delivering, and this is also the case with the album at hand. No artist out there is better when it comes to creating a song that starts with a hint of melancholy and grows into a melodic, passionate and almost divine artwork; the finished musical canvas is filled with nothing but the brightest colors.

Peter invited three very gifted musicians to participate on the album. These artists are legendary reedman, Paul McCandless; celebrated cellist, Jaques Morelenbaum; and Sting guitarist, Dominic Miller. It is obvious to the listener that they have had great fun while creating the album. There is a refreshing playfulness to many segments. This gives the album a more live feeling.

The album starts with the title song. A Call of Love never a whisper, nor everyday talk, and is for sure not a scream. It is a gentle, softly spoken message that tells of deep, true love. This also sums up the song. It starts with a few piano notes and grows into a call that is all about tenderness, gratitude and promises of everlasting love. It is simply masterful.

Breath of Life is like an awakening, and after a gentle start Dominic’s guitar and Paul’s cello lift the songs to new heights – and Peter fills in the theme on the piano. It is almost impossible not to close ones eyes and venture into the beautiful dream, a sphere of colors, that the music creates.

I love it when Peter shows his impressive piano skills. Track 5 is a fast song that shows how being here for you often means running and doing an extra effort for ones love. It is all about getting the work done and take the time to build and strengthen a relationship. Yes, it is all about love!

A song that is impossible not to, well, love, is A Tale To Tell. The tale told here is about the best of feelings. I found myself smiling while listening to it. The theme makes you want to listen to the song again and again.

The next last track is interesting. Sting’s Fields of Gold is always a welcome listen. Cover versions of this international hit have been made by artists such as Eva Cassidy and Mary Wilson. Peter’s take on Fields of Gold is very precise and true to the original, while adding an interesting twist here and there. I especially like the way the melodic theme is shared by the piano and the guitar. As a radio show host I know that this song is a true winner, and people will stay logged on just to finish listening to it. Few will log off because the song is just so beautiful, and this arrangement is extremely well done.

Call of Love is without a doubt oneof Peter Kater’s very best albums. It is created by love for music, nature and creation itself. It is a true Call of Love.

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