Peter Sterling – Visions of Paradise DVD


visions1Peter Sterling is now ready with an audio CD and DVD called Visions of Paradise. Here is a presentation:

Visions of Paradise is a multi-dimensional sound and light journey into a transcendental realm of supreme bliss. Beautiful imagery of tropical paradise, Buddha gardens, crop circles and shimmering underwater dolphin and whale dances are blended with the healing and angelic music of Peter sterling and enhanced with Solfeggio vibro-acoustic frequencies for added deep penetrating vibrational attunement. Solfeggio frequencies are an ancient musical scale from the mid evil days that is more in resonance  with the true tones of the universal soul and spirit. For Visions of Paradise we used the 3-6-9 triad of Solfeggio frequencies which Nicola Tesla called “The Keys to the Universe”, the 369 harmonic progression creates a unique and powerful sound experience. The fractal trinity of 3-6-9 includes 396hz for ‘liberating guilt and fear’, 639hz (unification with in relationship) and culminating with the 963hz Pineal gland activator for inner visionary states of consciousness.

Learn more about Visions of Paradise here.