The Power of New Age Music


Josh Baines of has posted an article called “I Asked a Crystal Healer to Explain the Power of New Age Music to Me”. It is a must-read for everyone who is interested in the connection between crystal healing and New Age music.

It starts like this:

“I’m sat in a nice living room in a nice house on a nice road in a nice part of South London. Tribal, primal drums thud away. The air is heavy with Nag Champa. I’m barefoot, both feet on the ground. My toes curl into the rug. I’m holding a crystal in my left hand. I am being healed. […]

If you’re wondering why I found myself sat in a lounge, in Streatham, with a 67 year old crystal healer, it’s because a few years back, during a deeply dark period in my life, I got really into new age music. All I did—I didn’t have a job—was sit on my bed, smoking bad weed, listening to dolphin cries and soft synth-pads. That was it. Every so often I’d trot to McDonalds for a cheeseburger and a pang of self-pity. Eventually, I stopped eating cheeseburgers every day, got a job, and jacked in the weed. I still listen to new age music at work, though, and was intrigued to know if a genuine, real life holistic practitioner had use for the music I’d used as a form of self-medication. That’s why I was sat with a crystal in my hand, on a Friday afternoon in Streatham.

Read the article here.