Remembering Paul Horn – by Steven Halpern



Steven Halpern writes:

Almost thirty years ago to the week, Paul Horn and I met in the studio to record what turned out to be quite an historic album. This newsletter was already written in recognition of its 30th Anniversary when I got the news that Paul had passed rather suddenly. He and I had spoken recently, reliving some of the high moments of those sessions, and our connection through the decades.

The news of his sudden passing has made it challenging to complete this newsletter. I’d therefore like to reframe my remarks as a celebration of his life and work, and share a few memories that I’ve never shared publicly before.

Paul Horn was widely known for his innovative recordings using the natural echo and acoustics of places of spiritual importance. He became one of the founding fathers of the New Age music genre almost by accident. A respected jazz flutist and studio musician who played with Tony Bennett and Nat King Cole, Paul’s spiritual quest led him to India to study with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the early days of the Transcendental Meditation™ movement.

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