Rohani's Yanni Controversy



Shahrdad Rohani, the world-class Iranian composer, has denied he once described Yanni as “musically illiterate.” This according to

In a news conference on Wednesday, this orchestra conductor, who has recently returned to his homeland for leading a grand musical performance in Tehran, remarked that his perspectives were basically distorted. “I never said that Yanni is musically illiterate, because this form of language is far from my recognized literature. I never vilipend someone for the purpose of giving credit to myself,” he said.

Addressing a given interview with an Iranian newspaper several years ago, Shahrdad said that he was, at that occasion, asked to express his general thoughts on Yanni’s musical proficiency, but another Iranian artist misquoted him on the issue afterwards. In Shahrdad’s words, he merely talked about the arrangements and orchestrations of Yanni’s works, made and written by the Iranian artist, for their laudable concert in Acropolis in 1993.

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