Secret Garden – Just The Two of Us


justthertwoofusSecret Garden released their new album Just The Two of Us in Norway 27th December – where it almost instantly hit no. 1 on a local streaming service. As of now we are still waiting for the international release date. But while we are waiting Rolf Lovland and Fionnuala Sherry have given us a video where we get to hear four songs from the new album and an interview too. But first, here is a short introduction of the album:

For years we’ve talked about doing an album of our duets. Our music always starts with just the two of us – Rolf & Fionnuala; even when we’re performing with a full production on stage. So it feels natural and good to perform some of our music in the most intimate and stripped-down version – that musical place where Secret Garden was born. This is the theme of our new album. The album was prepared during the spring of 2013 and recorded soon after the summer here in Norway. We decided to build this album mostly on previously recorded pieces – the new element is the duo arrangements. But two new pieces were written in the process and found their way into the album.