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Sherry Finzer – Beyond the Dream Review



Beyond the Dream is the third installment in Sherry Finzer’s highly successful Sanctuary series. This time she gives us a collection of both original material and cover versions of songs such as Leonard Cohen‘s Hallelujah and Amazing Grace. Yet again her music becomes like a musical sanctuary for the listener, effectively blocking out stress and negativity. It is an amazing release from start to finish.

Sherry Finzer’s music always seems beautiful to me. Still I would not label it as easy listening. It demands a certain focus. But when you take the time to tune in to the frequency of her flute, you’ll experience something really special. Her music is perfect for both creative work and relaxation. It is easy to understand why she has become one of the leading flutist in the New Age music genre.

Original Cover Versions
The opening song is called The Way. The synth in the background has a dark and foreboding sound.  Sherry’s flute is a contrast to that with its light sound, almost acting like a guide through the darkness. New song out is Leonard Cohen‘s Hallelujah. I thought I was tired of this song by now, but that was before I heard Sherry Finzer’s version. The same goes for Amazing Grace. By making the songs slower, the best parts are way longer. It is a nice effect. The synth backing is also tasteful, and it never overpowers the flute.

The title track is a long, meditative piece. I think it illustrates wakening up from a wonderful dream, careful not to loose the feeling of joy and adventure. The last track on the album is Song for Rex. It is a warm and positive melody, making sure that the album ends on a high note.

In short ; Sanctuary III – Beyond the Dream is an amazing album, and the best in the series so far. Even the cover versions sounds fresh and new. I think it is a proof that sometimes the world beyond the dream is even better than the dream itself…

Score: 94/100 – See how I rate music here

Key tracks: The Way,  Frost Runes, Song for Rex

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