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Soothing Lullabies for Mother and Child



A Baby’s Lullaby is a three-volume new age music series created by German composer Chantal Hartmann that serves as a natural sleep aid and general relaxation tool for new and expectant mothers and their children.


This research-based music has been designed around a heartbeat pulse of 64 beats per minute, as music at about this rate promotes relaxation by bringing brain waves from the beta to alpha range, while the heartbeat sound has a calming effect on the baby, as it is reminiscent of being in the womb. Relaxation is further encouraged through Hartmann’s soothing vocals, harmonious sound textures and delicate string arrangements.


A Baby’s Lullaby was first introduced in Germany five years ago. The three volumes within the series – Elation, Senses and Tenderness – have since accumulated over 50,000 download purchases throughout Europe while receiving endorsements from music therapists, doctors and mothers alike. The complete music series is now being released to the American market as a physical three-CD box set to include one-hour seamless deluxe versions of each volume.


The music reaches across borders through the use of Hartmann’s unique artistic language created with vocables – words that have no specific meaning.

“I wanted to compose music that neither distracts nor narrates a story, but instead encourages the listener to discover their natural slumbering power through imagination and emotion,” Hartmann states.

Chantal Hartmann was born and raised in the Black Forest of southwestern Germany where she received formal training in voice, piano and violin. Over the past two decades her compositions have been featured on numerous albums, television shows and commercials throughout Europe. She contributes both musically and artistically as a singer, vocal coach, composer and arranger for various artists, with credits including Ireen Sheer, Fabrizio Faniello and Graham Bonney.

Hartmann has written, produced and performed the entire series of “A Baby’s Lullaby: Deep Relaxation for Mother and Child”, being released in the United States by Las Vegas-based label Cixi Digital Records.

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