Soulfulness: Deeper States of Awareness

When it comes to relaxing music, some sounds tend to express more than others the emotional part of human nature… This is Co-Rento’s latest release from a small team of truly dedicated individuals, carrying a vision… and a whole set of practical and efficient tools, to help you create more positive changes in your life.


From the heart of Finland, Sara Corento started the Co-Rento Empowerment project in 2010 as an educational program. She holds the the Co-Rento vision and is strongly interested in all areas of Spirituality. She is currently working as a channeller and head trainer at Co-Rento Empowerment Training Finland Oy. Philippe Kermorvant, a former French journalist also holds the Co-Rento vision and has been trained in various spiritual traditions including Shamanism. He now works as an International Sales manager for Co-Rento Empowerment Training Finland Oy.


Here is what they say about their new Soulfulness album: The new Soulfulness music conveys deep emotional feelings and touches people’s hearts, heads and soul. Releasing the stress of the day through the power of music is nowadays widely accepted as a very powerful alternative. This is a relaxing music album with a difference, because it is intended to take you on a journey of self discovery and it is about diving deep into these hard-to-reach places inside yourself and finding your own answers.


“Going soul deep is the key to creating lasting change”
As a self help tool, it is perfect music to help ease your anxiety and reduce your stress. It will help you to attain a state of increased calmness. The Soulfulness album starts and ends with the same music, bringing you back to a safe place where you can start understanding yourself better. Apart from producing a sense of calm and centeredness it helps your mind to slow down and release stressful thoughts. Studies have shown that listening to relaxing music can alter and lift your mood.


The Soulfulness songs definitely have this ambient relaxing nature to them that make you feel calm and safe but they also have the ability to help you release emotions. They induce a sense of relaxation to ease the Conscious mind and thereby tap into the Subconscious. This music is not just for relaxation enthusiasts, it will also work for anyone who wants to put time aside to experience mental,physical and emotional relaxation…. or for people who just want to feel more positive, optimistic and peaceful during everyday life.


– 12 long different pieces of soulful music, featuring melodies and harmonies, blending together so nicely, to provide you with drastically different and unique feelings.
We all have our own unique way of experiencing the feeling of the music and this is definitely music not to be heard or listened to, but smelled, tasted, touched… music to stimulate your brain and get a cocktail of experiences!
At the end of a stressful day, we invite you to spend a little more time with yourself! Like the feather softly landing from the sky… let the music touch your body, mind and spirit… to help you consciously focus on your wellness and bring your Soul more fully into this moment. Entering a state of profound calmness… enjoying the feeling of deep relaxation… bringing yourself back into balance.


This music will help you relax your body and open your heart with full emotional awareness… And all in the presence of the wisdom of the Soul that guides you!


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About the musician:
Julian Rock is a 28 year old Finnish recording artist, composer, record producer and arranger who is currently involved in all kinds of musical activities and projects. The Co-Rento CDs were born when Julian was introduced to Susanna Huhtiniemi and soon after decided to start working  on healing, transformative music with a strong emotional content. As Julian Rock said: ” this music originates from the heart and speaks to the soul.”