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Steven Halpern – Ambient Alchemy



In his newsletter, Steven Halpern has presented his brand new album, Ambient Alchemy. Here is a presentation:

Ambient Alchemy album is a collaboration between Michael Diamond and myself, with Michael Manring, famed Windham Hill bass virtuoso, as our special guest on six tracks. The instrumentation includes multiple keyboards, soaring guitar and guitar synth, and fretless bass, often played with an E-Bow, which produces some other-worldly and gorgeous melodic lines.

The lush soundtracks and swirling layers of ethereal sound may create pictures in your mind’s eye. Headphone listening reveals Diamond’s intricately detailed production skills. Both Michael’s musicianship “takes the recording where very few are capable of going”. (Will Ackerman, Grammy winning producer and Windham Hill Records founder.)

On some of the tracks, I overdub on Diamond’s composition. On other tracks, he overdubs on my composition. The synergy proves that at least sometimes, two heads are better than one. This album includes relaxing track and some that are more energetic. You’ll want to experiment on your own.

I believe the music will take you on a magical journey, and I welcome your feedback. I would suggest, however, that you not listen while driving.

The album has not been released to Amazon, iTunes and Spotify yet (release date is 9. 9. 2014) – but it is available on Halpern’s own website, where you can sample the album too.