Suzanne Ciani at SonarDôme


RedbulRadio has posted Suzanne Ciani‘s show at the SonarDôme, recorded live at Barcelona’s Sónar Festival. Check out the show here!

Here’s a presentation of the show:

“A synth pioneer and adventurous electronic composer since the early ’80s, Suzanne Ciani has defied hasty assumptions about genre, sound design and nerdism ever since. Ciani’s ongoing romance with the synthesizer started at an early age, precisely when she was first introduced to sound modulatioån via the Buchla synth. And as a trained piano and keyboard player (Suzanne Ciani was also the first woman on the cover of Keyboard magazine), she devoted a large part of her musical endeavors to coaxing feminine sensibilities out of the machines, providing a stark counterpoint to the inherent machismo of the tech world.

Besides lending her talents to movies and Madison Avenue’s ad companies, she found the time to record fifteen full-length solo records, run her own label Seventh Wave, and put on performances around the globe. In recent years, Finders Keepers, the UK’s champions of hidden treasures, have re-released many of Ciani’s outstanding compositions.”

What an artist!!