Suzin Green – Daughter of the Mountain


the-mantra-project-daughter-of-the-mountain1Following a 12 year hiatus spent deepening her practice and refining her message, master kirtan singer Suzin Green announces the release of her newest CD, Daughter of the Mountain. Suzin’s previous releases include the classic Kirtan CD’s Hearts on Fire and Devi Demo. She is a featured artist on Women’s Yoga Chants and Meditations and Music for Sound Healing.

With over four decades of immersion in a yogic lifestyle informed by Hindu, Tantric, Jungian, and feminist ideals, Suzin’s insight, wisdom, and real-life approach to spirituality have won her a loyal following. A classically trained musician, her powerful yogic chanting has touched countless people worldwide. Daughter of the Mountain embodies the depth of Green’s practice, understanding, and potent musicality. It pairs the interactivity and excitement of Kirtan with intensive mantra practice, invoking profound inner stillness and joy in listeners.

The album has been called neo-vidic, with a tribal pulse driven by masterful table and percussionist Daniel Johnson. Johnson’s inspired grooves provide a powerful current for the astonishing range of Green’s voice. Mesmerizing sonic effects take the album into new terrain and the album offers an ecstatic listening experience.

David Newman called Daughter of the Mountain, “A must listening experience for those who appreciate the power of mantra set in a masterful musical context.”

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