Terry Oldfield – In The Presence Of Light



I find that dreamy music can be almost magical. Just put it on your music player, close your eyes and your mind takes off. A dreamy album like this is Terry Oldfield’s In The Presence Of Light (which is a rerelease of the 1986 album A Journey Into the Unknown) And wow, what a spectacular fireworks Terry shows us! Every color of the rainbow is represented here.

The album is ten track long and each track has a one word title, like Wonder, Space and Flight, underlining the simplicity of the release. There is nothing complex here at all, no dramatic melodies or rhythmic segments, which is a plus. And while other albums only give you one track as introduction, Terry gives you both an Entering and an Opening. I guess it is meant to give your inner eye time to adjust to the presence of light…

The most noteworthy tracks are Longing and Presence. They are long, slow and perfect for meditation. There is this feel of lightness and freedom. Still, the atmosphere can be a little dark, then suddenly Terry creates light with his wonderful flute, which is as good as it gets (as usual). The song Flight also has a great violin section. The last track, Return, is a perfect conclusion to the album.

So if you need a little light, then look no further.

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