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The Best of Mike Oldfield: 1992-2003



Music label Rhino will soon release The Best of Mike Oldfield: 1992-2003, a new two-disc collection that takes in a number of rarities, including b-sides and remixes. This is a great chance to relive some of the best moments in New Age music history.

The collection is drawn from Oldfield’s eight studio albums released on Warner Bros. Records between 1992 and 2003.

The inclusion of non-album versions, rare edits and radio mixes on the first CD will be welcomed by fans and disc two takes this a step further with various remixes, including The Orb’s “Orbular Bells” mix of Sentinel.

The Best of Mike Oldfield will be released on 27 April 2015.


Disc One: Singles
1. Sentinel (Single Restructure)
2. Tattoo (Edit)
3. The Bell (Mc Viv Stanshall Remix)
4. Hibernaculum
5. Let There Be Light
6. The Voyager
7. Women Of Ireland (Lurker Edit)
8. Man In The Rain
9. Far Above The Clouds (Timewriter’s Radio Mix)
10. Cochise
11. Out Of Mind
12. Pacha Mama
13. Sunlight Shining Through Cloud
14. Amber Light
15. To Be Free (Single Remix)
16. Thou Art In Heaven (Radio Edit)
17. Introduction 2003 (Single Remix)
18. The Sailor’s Hornpipe 2003

Disc Two: Rarities & Mixes
1. Early Stages
2. Silent Night
3. The Bell (Mc Billy Connolly Remix)
4. The Spectral Army
5. The Song Of The Boat Men
6. Indian Lake
7. Mike’s Reel
8. Sentinel (Orbular Bells Mix)
9. Let There Be Light (Bt’s Pure Luminesence Remix)
10. Women Of Ireland (System 7 12” Mix)
11. Far Above The Clouds (Jam & Spoon Mix)
12. To Be Free (Soultronik Mix-Tical Mix)
13. Thou Art In Heaven (Pumpin’ Dolls Vs. Mighty Mike Club Mix) [Radio Edit]

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