The Best of Mythos



Mythos’ Bob D’Eith and Paul Schmidt have worked together for 20 years creating their unique brand of ethereal, electronic, other worldly music. Now no. one of two “Best of” albums is out. No. 2 will be out in October.

Mythos has always included guest performers including the incomparable Jennifer Scott, Rene Worst, Jasmin Parkin, Christine Duncan and many others. Mythos has also had a long relationship with artist Gil Bruve. Gil’s artwork has graced the covers of five Mythos albums bringing the entire level of the project up another notch.

Originally released by XDOT25 from San Fransisco, Mythos was discovered by Higher Octave/Virgin/EMI who went on to release “Mythos”, “Reality of a Dreamer” and “Eternity”. In Canada, Mythos was released by Pacific Music/Warner Music. “Purity” was released in the USA by Allegro Music. The fifth album, “Journey” was released directly by Adagio Music with The Orchard. Over two decades, Mythos has sold in the six figures, won various awards, charted for years in Billboard magazine and build a very loyal international fan base.

“The Best of Mythos” is a selection of what are considered some of Mythos’ key tracks. While some fans may have other favorites, there is not question that songs like November, Icarus, Brazil, Journey, Purity and others have defined the sound of the group.

1. November
2. Icarus
3. Angels Weep
4. Ascent
5. Brazil
6. Kaleidoscope
7. Journey
8. Purity
9. Spiritus
10. Del Mar
11. Paradox
12. Escape Velocity

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