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The Definitive New Age Music Playlist



Here is the New Age Stars Radio Top 200-list! This list is rated 9,5/10 and has had over 1,5 million listeners over the last few years. It is now for the first time available on Spotify.

If you don’t use Spotify, you can download the list as an Excel file and build the list on your favorite music on demand service. To search for music on iTunes, click here.

Or, even easier, you can just log on to New Age Stars Radio on Live365.com – where the below playlist is playing (plus many more amazing New Age music songs).


Spotify Playlist


Click here to open the playlist in Spotify – and remember to follow the list. More tracks coming soon πŸ™‚

For non-Spotify users; below is the complete, 200 track playlist. It can be downloaded as an Excel-file here.

Without further ado, here is the list (the links are to the songs on Spotify):

Mike Oldfield – Let There Be Light
Enya – Storms In Africa – Remastered 2009
Yanni – Face In The Photograph
Enigma – Return To Innocence
Delerium – Silence – Radio Edit
Zephyr – Destiny
Serenity of Life – Replenish
Mythos – Tokyo
Karunesh – The Conversation
Longing For Orpheus – Broken Down (Echo Mix)
Asha – Hymn of the Universe
Johannes Linstead – Kiss The Earth
Sinatic – Gates of Heaven
Mato Grosso – The Last of the Mohicans
Anne Trenning – You And Me
David Wright – Rysheara
Kevin Wood – Adoration
John Adorney – Aphelion
Cusco – The Hunt
Secret Garden – Nocturne
John Adorney – Never Alone
7and5 – Never Look Back
Tangerine Dream – Sun Gate
Yanni – Aria
The Exchange – Into The Night
John Adorney – Always
Enam – Ri Camtara
Asha – Fiery Moon
AH*NEE*MAH – Sun Circle
Tangerine Dream – The Dream Is Always The Same
Sherry Finzer – Earth
Mars Lasar – Washoe Meadows
Llewellyn – The Sacred People
Levantis – Daybreak
Kitaro – Ritual Winds
Karunesh – Windrider
John Adorney – The Swing
Yanni – Deliverance
David Arkenstone – Sketches Of The Dream
Yanni – Santorini
Patrick Kelly – Visions
Nicholas Gunn – Count Your Blessings
Mars Lasar – Divine Shadows
John Adorney – Waiting for the Moon
Fiona Joy Hawkins – Cloud Chill
Vicki Logan – My Mother”s Memories
Paul Sills – Hall of Voices
Enya – Caribbean Blue – Remastered 2009
Mike Oldfield – Misty
Mars Lasar – Half Dome
Marat Taturas – Robert’s Favourite Song
Llewellyn – The Rowan Tree
Gandalf – Man’s Promise To Mother Earth
The Exchange – The Rising Son
Drums On Earth – Next World
Chinmaya Dunster – Right Samadhi
Age Of Echoes – First Flight
Yanni – In The Mirror
Tony O’Connor – Ningaloo
Mystico – Mystico
Michele McLaughlin – Transformation
Mars Lasar – Nine Worlds
Cosmo Frequency – Chillaxin
Australis – Vanishing Point
Vicki Logan – Pegasus
Karunesh – Sapphire
John Adorney – All in a Moment
Joel Kanning – One World
David Arkenstone – Call Of The Sea
Yanni – Nostalgia
Yanni – So Long My Friend
Ryan Farish – Carried By The Wind
Mysteria – Star Gazer
Myristica – Between Worlds
Mike Oldfield – Viper
Kevin Wood – In Search of Kindred Spirits [Bonus Track from Sacred Album]
Kamal – While You Are Here…
Hennie Bekker – Freefall
Enigma – Goodbye Milky Way
Cusco – Tigris & Euphrates – Original Mix
Australis – Between The Sun And The Moon
Llewellyn – To Dream of Pegasus
Jonn Serrie – Vision Quest
John Adorney – Trees of Gold
Gandalf – Aquarius
Adiemus – Adiemus – 1999 New Version
EDEN – Fall All The Way
Diane Arkenstone – Jubba River
John Adorney – If a Rose Could Speak
Guy Sweens – In Search Of The Truth
Ayman – The Sultan’s Dream
Yanni – Swept Away
Vicki Logan – The Ride
Vicki Logan – Enchanted Winds
Vangelis – L’Enfant
Vangelis – Conquest Of Paradise
Nigel Holton – The Stones of Callinish
Kitaro – Circle Pray
Karunesh – Follow Your Heart
Enigma – Mea Culpa
David Arkenstone – Call Of The Sea
Cadence Spalding – Save the World
Ayman – At Christopher’s- In Her Garden
Ayman – The Sultan’s Dream
Andrew Kinsella – Arborea
Yanni – First Touch
The Wolfman – Memory
Vangelis – L’Enfant
Tony O’Connor – Ningaloo
Mike Oldfield – Tubular World
Marshall Styler – All I Had to Hear You Say
Laura Sullivan – Love’s River
Kitaro – South Wind
Kamal – Those Flying Days
Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme – Miami Vice/Soundtrack Version
Guy Sweens – Worship (feat. Medwyn Goodall)
Fridrik Karlsson – Rest your Mind
Fiona Joy Hawkins – Frosted View
B-Tribe – She Moves Through The Fair – HDCD
Ascension – Mystery of Life
Yanni – In The Morning Light
Mars Lasar – Gypsy Legend
Fiona Joy Hawkins – Iced Rain
Mars Lasar – Tioga Road
Laura Sullivan – Secrets from the Deep
Australis – Purple Dreams
Laura Sullivan – River to the Sea
Kitaro – Circle Pray
John Adorney – Swept Away
John Adorney – If a Rose Could Speak
Ayman – Harvest
Ayman – The Sultan’s Dream
Wychazel – Entranced
The Wolfman – Memory
Vangelis – L’Enfant
Ryan Farish – Open Sky
Dominic Miller – And We Danced
Nigel Holton – The Stones of Callinish
Mars Lasar – Washoe Meadows
Ken Davis – Enjoy The Moment
Karunesh – Sapphire
Karl Maddison – Sacred Mountain
Jan Hammer – Red Dragon
Interface – Atmosphere – Extended Version
Fiona Joy Hawkins – Iced Rain
Enigma – Mea Culpa
Enam – La Carisso Le De
Eli Kazah – Return Home
David Arkenstone – Call Of The Sea
B-Tribe – She Moves Through The Fair – HDCD
Peter Kater – Fields of Gold
Orbient – Nova
Mars Lasar – Gypsy Legend
Kamal – Those Flying Days
Hilary Stagg – Prelude to Love
Diane Arkenstone – River of Creation
Ascension – Mystery of Life
2002 – Even Now
Levantis – Mercury
Bernd Scholl – Oriental Nights
Vicki Logan – A Piece Of My Rainbow
Vicki Logan – Enchanted Winds
Vangelis – Conquest Of Paradise
Tron Syversen – Silent Dream
Tino Izzo – Her Song
Timothy Cooper – Always Sorrows
Secret Garden – Nocturne
Romana – Mystical Monastery – Original
Ritual Ghost – Niu (Boeuf)
L’Orchestra Cinematique – Main Title – Game of Thrones (Season 3)
Peter Buffett – Road Of Souls
Lisbeth Scott – River Of Stars
Patrick Kelly – Still Waters
Parijat – Flowering
Nicholas Gunn – Call Of The Wild
The Nexion-Project (aka TΓΆrΓΆk ZoltΓ‘n) – The Hills over the Town
Naomi Neuts – Mosaic
Mythos – Spiritus
Mysteria – Elixir for Sunsets
Mike Oldfield – Far Above the Clouds – York Remix
Pete Sears – Indigo Moon
Medwyn Goodall – Tears Of The Dragon
Medwyn Goodall – The Gates of Eternity
Mars Lasar – Lady Vine
Longing For Orpheus – SteamGarden
Levantis – Summer Rain
Lesiem – Humilitas
Laura Sullivan – Calligraphy
Kitaro – South Wind
Ken Davis – To Be With You
Karunesh – Follow Your Heart
Karl Maddison – Pearls Of Wisdom
John Adorney – Mavoh Mavoh
Joel Kanning – Ashima
Jan Hammer – Tubbs And Valerie
Interface – Sands Of Time
Guy Sweens – Arrows of Desire
Golana – Mojave Morning
Ginkgo Garden – Blossoms From India
ERA – Impera

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