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The Healing Muse by Ron Clearfield



Cellist and keyboardist Ron Clearfield is ready with a new album, The Healing Muse, released on EverSound Music. The album has already beenacclaimed by physicians, therapists and body workers as a tool for relaxation, therapy and healing.

Dr. Debraj ‘Raj’ Mukherjee at the Cedars Medical Center says:

The Healing Muse is absolutely lovely. I play it often in the operating room. Everyone I’ve played it for notes how peaceful the music is. I recently played it for my father, who just left the hospital with pneumonia. He remarked how Ron’s music came from a deep, healing place within.


The album is not yet up on iTunes or Spotify, but is available on the EverSound homepage.


1. Soliloquy 3:45
2. Dancer in the Light 4:53
3. Home 5:55
4. Nana 3:22
5. Farewell 5:29
6. Prelude to an Enchanted River 6:42
7. Music in the Silence 3:30
8. Soaring 4:35
9. The Challenge 2:45
10. Resolution 3:40
11. Himalayan Reverie 4:23
12. Music in the Silence (reprieve) 5:21
13. The Marriage of Heaven and Earth 5:44