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Today the Gordon Brothers have the following news for us:

“We started Light of Mind back in 1985 together with a team of personal growth therapists, certified hypnotists and doctors to assist people in creating their ideal reality. We worked with our team of experts using our many years of experience in meditation and sound healing/design to create a catalog of over 250 transformational audio products featuring exclusive new-concept guided meditations, subliminals, hypnosis and more.

We were inspired to start Light of Mind because back in the 80s, we had just started Sequoia Records because we were super-stressed LA session players. Dave had anxiety attacks and Steve was having insomnia. We met some therapists who wanted to use some of our relaxation music on their guided meditations for their clients. This led us to create an entire catalog of self-transformation audio.

The Light of Mind direct mail catalog was a huge success, with our audio products helping many thousands of people. Now we are re-launching Light of Mind as a downloads-only website.

We’re planning to make new products soon in the direction of brainwave binaural-beats music, new concept affirmations, plus apps for meditation, sleep and anxiety.

Many of the Light of Mind audio products feature music from the Sequoia catalog in the background, and some have additional alternate mixes as well that are not available anywhere else.”

Here’s the Light of Mind webpage. It’s always nice to see what these inspiring artists are up to.