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The Musical Journey of Juan Sanchez


Juan Sanchez was one who had always had a pull towards music. Having immersed himself in music from piano lessons when he was fourteen to his professional career as ambient music composer and sound designer, Juan Sanchez was grateful but not content – he had this dream to become a professional pianist and composer. He underestimated himself and his dream almost didn’t see the light of day. He was not confident and sunk in the worst-case scenarios.

As life would have it, Juan Sanchez discovered the music of ambient artists Max Richter and Ludovico Einaudi and fell irrevocably in love with the gems of music. What appealed to him was the seamless conflation of classical music with electronic sounds, the piano being the star instrument. He also discovered neo-classical composers like Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnalds. And, it was just what he needed to pursue his dream.

Before long, “Rebirth” was born, a hybrid neo-classical/ambient piano composition. With fingers crossed, Juan Sanchez released “Rebirth” as a single on Spotify and other music streaming platforms. It became an instant hit on Spotify and positive feedback and positive reviews began to pour in as well as requests for more music from him – a good artist is one who listens to their audiences and fulfills their requests and Juan Sanchez is an excellent artist. Capitalizing on the reassurances he received, there is no looking back for Juan Sanchez. He released more perfected neo-classical/ambient style, piano compositions on Spotify and his audience grew organically – news of his music began to spread all through the music community and more and more people were enamoured; Juan Sanchez was bubbling with excitement and disbelief as he thought this isn’t possible, given his inhibitions and insecurities that almost didn’t bring out his piano virtuoso acumen.

Juan Sanchez released “Rebirth” for the second time as an album that contains all his singles in September 2019. Soon enough, accolades for Juan Sanchez began to inundate much to his overwhelmed delight after the release of “Rebirth.” Juan’s music touched hearts and brought some souls to tears. Some said that “Rebirth” is so powerful, it transformed their perspectives and lives, something that no album was capable of.

The answer as to why Juan Sanchez named his album “Rebirth” lies in him overcoming his self-doubts that were impeding his growth both as a musician and person. Juan Sanchez hopes to reach out further in his incredible journey on the musical career path, give more uproarious ‘eargasms’ to his listeners and add value to the indie music scene.

Juan Sanchez’s music streams on Spotify and other music platforms – follow him under the name Juan Sanchez and let his melodious genius caress the eardrums. His incredible and splendid music speaks for him.

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