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Transcend With Time – The Calling Whisper



The Calling Whisper is the 5th Transcend With Time album, released in 2012. It contains 10 songs that all have the sound and atmosphere that have become the trademark of Mark Mendieta, the man behind the Transcend With Time – or TwT – music project. It might not be easy listening, but new and old fans will find that within each song is a mix of emotions and thoughts that are as beautiful as they are interesting.

In Transcend With Time’s music is rare duality; on the one hand there is the deep, heartfelt artistic expression of classical masterpieces, like the music of Mahler or Brahms. TwT’s musical canvas is covered with dark yet striking colors. On the other hand is the no-nonsense synth arrangement that almost seem too fragile to express such a powerful set of emotions. The same notes and melodies played by a big orchestra would have shown the larger-than-life qualities of TwT’s music; This music will not leave you untouched.

The best songs on the album is the title song, The Calling Whisper and the very dramatic ending track A Moment. If you are looking for something slower, check out Tranquil Insights. There are some lighter songs here as well; From a Distance is a positive and uplifting song.

The Calling Whisper is one of TwT’s best albums. It redefines and renews the project without removing anything that made previous albums great.

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Rating: 87 / 100 – see how we rate music here.