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Two New Albums by Wychazel



Wychazel is now ready with two new albums called Spirit Flute and Reiki Masterclass. They are not among Wychazel’s most interesting works, but they make a nice soundtrack for meditation and massage.

Wychazel is an alias used by UK artist Chris Green. In the recent years he has given us some truly great albums, such as Temptation and The Healing Light of Isis.

Spirit Flue
The first track on Spirit Flute is called Earth Dance, and it is a very promising opening. It has a great melody and a nice rhythm. The flute sounds powerful and magical. But the other songs on the album, On Eagle’s Wings (10 minutes), Spirit Flute (13 minutes), Soul Journey (9,5 minutes) and Wolf Star Rising (10,5 minutes) are simply too long and repetitive. They don’t have the melodic qualities and sense of adventure we are used to from Wychazel.

Score: 81/100 – See how I rate music here

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Reiki Masterclass
The title of this release indicates that this is an instructional album. As a meditation release Reiki Masterclass offers a lot of variation, but there doesn’t seems to be an overall design. The melodies come and go, start and stop, with little structure. It’s not a bad album, but it is unbalanced. It might have something to do with its intended reiki use:

A small bell can be heard at intervals of approximately 3 minutes to keep track of time or prompt hand-position changes. Tracks can be selected to accompany treatments running for any number of hand positions up to 23. The last track consists of peaceful environmental sounds to close the session.

Score: 82/100 – See how I rate music here

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