Two Weeks to Fire in the Rainstorm



The release of Kori Linae Carothers’s Fire in the Rainstorm is just two weeks away. Kori writes:

This is where we are at with the project: We had to change up the artwork, so that has put us behind on that. The colors are the same, my photo is the same, just changing up some of the background [editors’ note; the above picture is not the updated one]. Will keep you posted on that!

I still have a few exclusives that would make excellent birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, I love you gifts… ( oh did I just write Christmas?) YES…. There are still 24 signed copies from my producer, Will Ackerman’s “Returning”. He generously gave 25 copies for this project. Drop on by and grab a copy for someone you care about! You are helping with this album, AND Hearing Health Foundation!

Here is a thought I wanted to leave with you for this week: “Worry Positive”. My husband has always told me this… and so if you have worries or scared, Worry Positive, it will all work out!

PS You all are my heroes… thank you SO much for supporting this album. You have stepped out of your comfort zone, and helped with this album, this is hero status in my book. I will never forget it. For those of you still thinking about helping, you still have time.

Check out Kori’s Pledgemusic page.