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Update on Global Video Creation



Laura Sullivan’s video project “We Are Love” has received over 1.000 submissions. Laura writes:

Early in 2014 I started the great adventure of producing a song and video through crowdsourcing the media content. My goal was simply to create something beautiful, celebrating love and our connection as humanity, in collaboration with the world.

In consultation with the viral video experts, Eepybird LLC, as well as my publicity team, we put together a plan to reach out to people about this special effort to create a global song and video using voices from around the world titled We Are Love.

Our call to action led to over 1000 video submissions, involving 931 people! The photo above is a screen shot of just some of the many many videos that now live on my hard drive as a result.

I’m so deeply grateful for the huge outpouring of support, interest and collaborative energy in this project. Tears have been streaming down my face during the many hours of downloading and watching the marvelous videos I’ve received from all around the world. How moving it is to hear people of all ages and walks of life singing “We Are Love” and “We Are One” in more than 25 different languages!

 Read it here.