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Wendy Grondzil – Only the Moment Review



When describing a new age album, we often say that it reminds of either Enigma or Deep Forest (or one of the other giants of the genre). But in this case, with Only the moment by Wendy Grondzil, we can say that it is a fusion of both Enigma and Deep Forest – and a very good fusion it is!

The first track, Only the Moment, could have been made by Michael Cretu of Enigma around the release of the platinum selling album MCMXC a.D from – yes, you are right – 1990. The similarities to songs like Mea Culpa and Sadeness are striking, but not in a bad way. There is something fresh about Only the Moment, with the powerful Gregorian chants and a female Sandra Cretu-like voice saying Yes / It’s time to go / It’s now or never / Only the Moment. It is far from original, and the beat is also enigmaish, but still I enjoy the track.

And now the album takes an interesting turn. The next 6 tracks on the album is (almost) free of Gregorian chants, but stuffed with nice ethnic samples similar to those on World Mix by Deep Forest. The similarities between Deep Forest’s famous Sweet Lullaby and Grondzil ‘s Little Shaman and Worlds Remembered are striking in terms of sample use. But is it done in a fresh and tasteful way. I am sure Eric Mouquet and Michel Sanchez of Deep Forest would like it.

The tracks Little Shaman, Worlds Remembered, Perfecte Amasti, Joseph’s Canon, Mystic and Ambrosia are almost an album itself because they have the same kind of energy, with the same sample use.

On the last track, Why, Grondzil has a more electronic approach, with no voice samples. The song takes some time to start (2 min), but is worth the wait. It is dreamy and powerful at the same time.

All in all Wendy Grondzil’s first album has little new to offer. But then again I am not asking for something new – I am asking for quality new age. And Only the moment is 40 minutes of pure music enjoyment for all new age fans.

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