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Window on the Soul



As a New Age music radio host there are only a few albums I feel that I can really trust. These are albums I can play back-to-back, all day long, and the audience would be totally happy with it. One such album is Patrick Kelly’s Window on the Soul. It has such a warm sound and delicate melodies that it simply blows all your stress and worries away.

If you are a frequent listener to New Age Stars radio, you will already know some of the songs on the album. Track no. 9, Crest of a Wave, has received several thousand “thumbs up” votes over the last years. The song has a very satisfying build-up, and the strings part in the end has that nice larger-than-life feel. But I very much enjoy the opening track, Breath of Life, as well. The heart like pluck synth instantly creates a relaxing atmosphere.

There is an ambient masterpiece hiding here as well; track 8, A Distant Land. The melody, the arrangement and the light drums are examples of New Age music perfection.

New World Records call the Window in the Soul-album for “pure escapism”, and I couldn’t agree more. Its magnificently calming sound takes the listener to a warm, far-away place. Just take one glance at the nice cover and you’ll know that the soul’s window can be opened by pressing the play button.