Wychazel – Temptation review


temptationAlbums that follows the same sound design from start to finish tend to be either boring or fantastic. The album Temptation by Wychazel is definitely not boring, and is very close to a complete album. Is temptation a bad thing? I’m not sure, but the album shows that it is an interesting feeling.

Wychazel is an alias for Chris Green. He is best known for musical writing partnership with Robert Fenner as Runestone. Including collaborations and solo titles, he has published 20 albums. He is currently signed with Medwyn Goodall Music.

Something different
Artists use countless hours to find the perfect main instrument. This instrument is chosen to carry the main melody and must be a perfect fit to the overall atmosphere. When you listen to Temptation, the first you notice is the very original main synth; it sounds like a strange bird or alien instrument (it might be Camel Audio’s Alchemy synth). I’m surprised that Wychazel chose it. That said, it is a nice effect. The instrument is used on later tracks as well.

Wychazel’s world of music is filled with interesting emotions and colorful melodies. The songs are long, and give you plenty of time to dream and relax. From the very first notes on A Single Wish to the last track, The Magic Lamp, the musical story telling is top notch. We are taken into a sunburned world, filled with as much sand as melancholy. Wychazel’s uses lots of reverb, which creates an interesting soundscape. The guitar and the Middle Eastern instruments are great. The vocal samples however are less integrated, and do not add much to the overall atmosphere.

If you are looking for something quite different, Temptation by Wychazel is highly recommended.

Score: 88/100 – See how I rate music here

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