Yanni's Music Evolves



Now here’s a fascinating article: webpage Daily Record has an in-depth post called Yanni’s music evolves with the times. As previously reported, Yanni is not a big fan of the New Age music term, which is also the topic for this article:

Yanni likes to use the word “new.” He enjoys discussing new technology, new projects and new approaches to composing and performing. But he has a problem with “New Age.”

“The necessity to label art, especially music, is not something that makes sense to me,” he writes in an e-mail interview. “When I compose my music, you will find everything from symphonic (to) piano, rock, electronic and Latin.”

“I have no idea how any single label can describe this array of styles,” he adds. “I understand that categories and labels are important in many aspects of life, but not for art.”

Read it here. The article was written in connection with the recent – and very successful – concert in Morristown, New Jersey.