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No Enigma – Michael Cretu’s other projects


In this episode of the New Age Stars Mixcloud broadcast we are looking at Michael Cretu’s non Enigma projects. They are a treasure chest of wonderful melodies that show just how versatile Michael is as an artist.

Because I would like to keep the mix under one hour, I have not selected any songs from Michael Cretu’s debut album Moon, Light and Flowers (1979), or anything from Moti Special. Maybe next time 🙂

For this mix I have selected the following songs:

One of the coolest songs from the 80s is Cretu’s «Samurai». If this isn’t an enigmatic song, I don’t know what is.

When looking at Michael’s music, it is impossible not to mention Sandra’s albums too. You will find Michael on the credits on many of her songs, and «(I’ll never be) Maria Magdalena» is without a doubt the most famous. On this song there’s a big dose of what in time would become Enigma.

In Cretu’s early works there’s so much power and a wonderful pop feel. «When Love is the Mission Word» is a great example of this. Another is “Snowin’ under my skin”.  Trance Atlantic Air Waves is definitely not Cretu’s best project, but it shows just how much he loves synth music.

While Enigma is mostly a solo project, this mix shows that Michael Cretu has worked with some amazing artists over years. Enigma fan or not, in Michael Cretu’s music there’s something for everyone.

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