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2013 Top 10 Tracks on New Age Stars Radio


Each month the songs on New Age Stars Radio are rated 1.000s of times by you, my dear listeners. Below are the top songs of 2013. This is truly a fantastic collection of songs. 

1. John Adorney – Endless Rain – The Fire in the Flint – Listener Rating: Excellent (8.6)
2. Mike Oldfield – Moonlight Shadow (York & Steve Brian Radio Mix) – Tubular Beats – Listener Rating: Very good (8.4)
3. Arielle Dombasle & Era – After Time – Arielle Dombasle By Era – Listener Rating: Very good (8.4)
4. Myristica – Between Worlds – Little Oak – Listener Rating: Very good (7.8)
5. Lesiem – Humilitas – Times – Listener Rating: Very good (7.6)
6. Mars Lasar – GateWay – Afterworld – Listener Rating: Quite good (7.4)
7. Glenn – Part I – Electronic Secret – Listener Rating: Quite good (7.3)
8. Davol – Truth (radio Mix) – Truth     Listener Rating: Quite good (7.3)
9. John Adorney – A Beggar’s Fortune – The Fire in the Flint     Listener Rating: Quite good (7.2)
10. AO Music – Shen Deni – …And Love Rages On! Listener Rating: Quite good (7.2)

John Adorney is not surprisingly doing great, with two songs from his excellent The Fire in the Flint album. Lesiem’s Humilitas has been on the top list for three years now. I’m happy to see Myristica here as well, with a song from Little Oak.

2014 will for sure be a great year on New Age Stars radio too! I’ll start this year fresh with adding lots of songs. Stay tuned!