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Amazing Feedback for John Adorney weeks


johnadorneyOver 11.000 listeners have so far joined us for our special John Adorney weeks on New Age Stars Radio on Live365. The selection of songs will air until 3 April, so you still have time to check it out if you haven’t done so already. 

These are the highest rated songs from the mix – no. 1 to 7 are rated Excellent by you:

1. Endless Rain – The Fire in the Flint
2. All In A Moment – The Other Shore
3. Trees of Gold – Trees of Gold
4. The Meeting Place – The Wonder Well
5. Always – Waiting for the Moon
6. The Dance – Waiting for the Moon
7. Mand of the Read Earth – Trees of Gold
8. Aphelion – Beckoning
9. The Dance – Waiting for the Moon
10. Mavoh Mavoh – Waiting for the Moon

A song is rated each time someone click the thumbs Up or Down button. Song no. 1 has received over 200 thumbs up, which is a new record in under two weeks time. There are really no surprises in the above list; Endless Rain is a true winner with its amazing singing and lyrics. Songs 2 to 5 are true Adorney classics. If your day is cold and grey, these songs will warm your heart and soul.

It is nice to see that the song The Meeting Place from The Wonder Well is doing great. The song has both a certain playfulness and a lot of elegance too.