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John Adorney Weeks on New Age Stars Radio


whisperJohn Adorney has for years been among the most popular artists on New Age Stars Radio. No other artist has had so many no. 1 positions, in front of artists like Enya, Mike Oldfield and Enigma. John is now out with a brand new album called The Wonder Well. So to celebrate this, we decided to dedicate the next three weeks – from 13 March to 3 April – to the music of John Adorney.

We recently had a Yanni Weeks feature that become a major success, so hopefully this special John Adorney feature will be popular among our listeners too. We have carefully selected songs from John’s complete discography. We believe that this mix is fresh, positive and very inspiring. If you tune in to the channel, you will for sure get to hear some music by John Adorney. Enjoy 🙂


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