Kitaro Weeks on New Age Stars Radio


From 1 to 14 December we are celebrating the music of Kitaro on New Age Stars Radio. Kitaro is one of the best – if not THE best – New Age music artist out there. Tune in and listen to our unique Kitaro mix!

Here at New Age Stars Radio Kitaro’s music is being requested all the time. We though that now would be a great time to celebrate this amazing, Grammy & Golden Globe winning artist. With the success of our Yanni and Secred Garden weeks in mind, we hope that many of you will tune in during the first two weeks of December. The chance to hear Kitaro’s music is very high (we play it as much as we are allowed to).

Unique Kitaro Mix

We have carefully selected music from Kitaro’s long career, from Tenkai (1978) to Final Call (2013) – and the more recent re-issues as well. There are just so many great songs to choose from, but we are confident that the mix we have prepared for you is the “best of the best”. Enjoy!

Be sure to follow updates on our dedicated Kitaro page. Also, the Domo Music Kitaro page is always a great resource for up to date information.

Click here to listen – or click on the button to your right (if you are on a PC/MAC).

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