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Acoustic Ocean – Blue Moon Rising


Blue Moon Rising, the fourth and latest album from Acoustic Ocean, offers a dynamic collection of original acoustic instrumental music that inspires reflection that touches the heart. Eleven compositions, on the themes of Remembrance, Gratitude and Renewal, feature Bette Phelan on acoustic guitar and bowed dulcimer and Kay Aldrich on cello.

Additional instruments, played by Bette – fretless bass, electric guitar, Ebow, Celtic whistle, mountain dulcimer, mandolin, banjo, wordless vocals, piano, and more – combine to create a rich palette of sound.

The compositions on Blue Moon Rising are evocative, poignant, uplifting, and relaxing. The intricate interplay of instruments captures the uniqueness and synergy of the original music of Acoustic Ocean.

Key influences in this new music, New Age, Folk, and Celtic, continue the recognizable sound of earlier Acoustic Ocean albums.

Blue Moon Rising is the first Acoustic Ocean release since the death of group member and harpist, Peggy Morgan, in 2016. One composition, “Love is a Force Field,” features Peggy Morgan on harp and vocals, and was recorded before her passing.

Bette Phelan composed the music for Blue Moon Rising during musical meditations over a two-year period. The album is dedicated to the memory of Peggy Morgan, Bette’s music partner of 40 years, and to Nancy Phelan, her mother.

Bette’s journey from personal loss and grief to gratitude and renewal is eloquently expressed in this new music.

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ACOUSTIC OCEAN is the collaboration of two veteran musicians and recording artists, Peggy Morgan and Bette Phelan. The music of Acoustic Ocean reflects the musical and healing arts backgrounds of the artists as well as the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, which helped to inspire the music.

In 2009 Acoustic Ocean released their debut album, Light Returning. The recording was well received by New Age radio DJs and listeners worldwide. It received widespread airplay and was on the Top 100 Zone Music Charts for 7 months, reaching a top position of #8. It was nominated for five ZMR awards, including, Best New Artist and Best Album of 2009.

Acoustic Ocean’s second album, Reflections on Still Water, was released in July 2010. It was on ZMR Top 100 chart for 11 months reaching a top position of #3. The album was nominated for Best Contemporary Instrumental album and was chosen as a Top 10 Pick for 2010 by RJ Lannan, a staff reviewer for ZMR.

Acoustic Ocean’s third album, Chimes of the Spirit, was released in 2013. It entered the Zone Music Reporter Top 100 Chart at #3 for February and went to #1 in March. The album was nominated for Best Contemporary Instrumental album and spent 7 months on the Top 100 chart. It was #9 for the year of 2013.

The most recent Acoustic Ocean album, Blue Moon Rising is the first release since Peggy Morgan’s death, in 2016. The album features eleven original compositions by Bette Phelan, played on acoustic guitar and bowed dulcimer. She is joined by Kay Aldrich, on cello. Additional instruments, played by Bette, enhance the arrangements.

Morgan & Phelan, a singer/songwriter acoustic duo, toured together for 20 years. During their years together they toured from Boston to Brisbane playing at festivals, concert series, folk clubs, schools, colleges and on radio and television. In the 1980s they were featured performers with Connecticut’s Directory of Touring Artists. In 1988, an invitation to perform at World Expo took Morgan & Phelan to Australia where they spent a month performing for international audiences. Morgan & Phelan produced four recordings of original music and an album of traditional American songs and stories for children.

Bette Phelan is a musician, recording engineer, and visual artist. She has recorded, mixed, arranged and mastered all four of the Acoustic Ocean albums, as well as doing the jacket design.

Bette is a Certified Kripalu Yoga teacher who has practiced yoga for 45 years and taught for 25. She is also a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and Stress Management Counselor.