Acoustic Ocean – Divine Grace


Divine Grace, the fifth release from Acoustic Ocean, offers an exquisite
collection of acoustic instrumental music that inspires and touches the soul.
The original compositions convey a story of the artist’s experiences at a time
of deep reflection and solitude, allowing an emotionally rich mosaic of sound
to emerge from her intuitive process.

Press release by LAZZ Promotions

Acoustic guitar, played by Bette Phelan, is a prominent voice throughout the
album, with Celtic harp played by Peggy Morgan and cello played by Kay
Aldrich, each enhancing and augmenting the music.

Here is the title track: 

An assortment of additional instruments played by Bette includes: electric
guitar, 12-string guitar, fretless bass guitar, hammered dulcimer, piano,
bowed dulcimer, Celtic whistle, wordless vocals, e-bow, and a number of
software generated orchestral instruments.

Interwoven into the music are touches of healing frequencies, combining
solfeggio tuning forks, crystal bowls, and natural sounds greatly adding to the
relaxing and healing effect overall.

Divine Grace is the second Acoustic Ocean release since the death of
group member and harpist Peggy Morgan in 2016. There are two of Peggy’s
harp compositions featured on this album, A Light in the Darkness and
Where Earth Meets Heaven. The harp compositions were retrieved from a
handheld digital recorder used by Peggy to record new compositions. There
are also bits of her harp added to other compositions from parts played on
earlier recordings.

The intricate and uplifting arrangements on Divine Grace continue the
unique and recognizable sound of past Acoustic Ocean albums. This is
music that works equally well as relaxing background music or for more
active listening.

The album is available on Apple Music – but not on Spotify.

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