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Agua Viva – Aura


“Aura is born out of my desire to create some music that might be, beyond the artistic, functional to particular situations,” says Josi Arias. “Like relaxation, meditation, or any other introspective exercise in the search of inner peace.”

“Aura” is available on Bandcamp: 

“I liked the idea of using my musical skills to bring something useful to people, like a kind of community service. Creating these tracks was my own therapy during these moments of confinement, a kind of creation of my own medicine. As creating it helped me, my desire is that other people out there might connect with that same emotion or the energy used to create these tunes,” concludes Josi Arias.

Agua Viva is the music project created by Josi Arias, expressing the mystery of tropical nights, timeless pop songs in spanish & english, dream revelations, eclipses and moon spells.

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