Alan Matthews – All That I Can See


Working once again with Grammy-winner Will Ackerman and esteemed mixing and mastering engineer Tom Eaton, Alan Matthews’ new album, All That I Can See, features the relative newcomer going it alone.

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The eleven tracks of solo piano once again feature expressive melodies, carefully nuanced performances, and expert musicianship. By making the decision to record a solo piano album, Matthews’ mastery of the instrument is on full display throughout.

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The overall mood on All That I Can See is one of quiet, gentle introspection, sometimes laced with extremely subtle melancholy, as well as trace elements of soft (not smooth) jazz. Just three albums into his career and it appears that Alan Matthews is well on his way to becoming one of the more acclaimed pianists in contemporary music.

Will Ackerman, Alan Matthews, and Tom Eaton at Imaginary Road Studios

“On previous albums, I have been reluctant to provide song descriptions, thinking this may prejudice the listener,” says Alan Matthews. “A contemplative and serious musical style should carry the listener to where they want to…perhaps where they need to go. For this album, I sense that some of the songs may be more deeply felt and heard with the aid of some comments.”

Will Ackerman: “You’ve always sounded like you, but this is where your mature voice is clear and singular…this album is brilliant.”

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All That I Can See is now playing on New Age Stars Radio!