Ambiente Solstice – Falling Into Sleep


Sound Meditation Records released Falling into Sleep by Austin, Texas-based multi-instrumentalist, and electronic composer JJ Rey – Ambiente Solstice – on July 8th, 2022. JJ Rey’s compositions transcend many different atmospheric spaces that keep the listener captivated and eager to experience the next passage in the music.

Falling into Sleep is a heartwarming journey through ambient spaces. Focused on sleepy soundscapes and simple melodic elements, this full body of work is the theme song to your R.E.M.

JJ Rey is primarily known for his work in the Ambient music genre. Having released three ambient albums, Abandoned Peace, Living Water, and Cloud Watch with Me, in 2021, JJ returns with Falling into Sleep, the soundtrack to a better headspace and healing peace. Falling into Sleep is his first album on Sound Meditation Records.

For more information and music samples, see Bandcamp.