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Anaamaly – Fields of Light


“Fields of Light” is the new release by Phoenix-based Ambient New Age recording artist, composer and sound healer ANAAMALY. The album is released on Heart Dance Records.

Creating music with the intention of healing and enlightenment, while incorporating positive intentions, higher vibrations and empowering affirmations that focus on enhancing love, compassion, and self-knowledge, this hour-long ambient journey explores the deep healing realms of music at 432 Hz.

Phil Strickland, professionally known as ANAAMALY, is an Ambient New Age recording artist, composer, and sound healer based in Phoenix, Arizona. His music is created with the specific intention to heal and enlighten and can be heard around the globe on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, US and International airlines, overhead music channels, and radio programs like One World Music Radio, Sleep Radio, Radio PLENTITUDE, Calm Radio, and Journeyscapes.

Having explored various genres throughout his musical career such as hip-hop, chill-out, electronica, ambient, dub, and new age, Phil began to experiment with more relaxing styles of ambient music in early 2015 while working on a guided meditation & yoga collaboration. By the end of that same year he decided that he wanted to release a full album of soundscapes for yoga and meditation. The initial inspiration behind the project was to create an atmospheric backdrop for the yoga classes and workshops that his wife taught. With this in mind, Phil began laying the groundwork for his debut album Urban Metta, Vol. 1, which was released in early 2016 on his independent label, Planet27Music with distribution by Heart Dance Records. By late 2017 Phil followed-up with UMII, the second volume in the Urban Metta series.

Both albums have received multiple accolades: Ambient Music Guide’s Best Albums of the Year – Urban Metta, Vol. 1 (2016), Urban Metta, Vol. 2 (2017). Yogabasics’ Best New Music for Yoga – Urban Metta Vol. 1 (February 2017), Urban Metta, Vol. 2 (October 2017). Global Music Awards – Urban Metta Vol. 1 (Bronze), Urban Metta, Vol. 2 (Silver). One World Music Radio Best Ambient Album of 2017 Nomination – Urban Metta, Vol. 2.

Phil strives to continue evolving and defining his style as a music composer and sound designer while making ambient new age accessible to even more people. His long-term goal is to continue creating  music with the intention of healing and enlightenment – incorporating positive intentions, higher vibrations and empowering affirmations that focus on enhancing love, compassion, and self-knowledge. He strives  to express a message via his music that there is much more to life than this physical experience, of which he hopes to further explore in future releases. His latest project, Fields of Light, released on the Heart Dance Records label, provides an hour-long ambient journey into the healing realms of 432 Hz.

More about ANAAMALY

https://www.heartdancerecords.com/anaamaly https://www.facebook.com/anaamalyofficial/ http://www.facebook.com/heartdancerecords https://www.instagram.com/anaamalyzenmusic/ http://www.instagram.com/heartdancerecords

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