Ancient Future – Lustful Elephants Trumpet Spring


Ancient Future has expanded its musical vision through collaborations with traditional musicians from all over the world who are now an integral part of what is today more than just a band. To enable its core mission of creating world fusion music, Ancient Future has grown to become a large chamber ensemble of world music masters with many smaller ensembles within it, including this trio featuring world guitar pioneer Matthew Montfort, renowned Indian tabla virtuoso Aditya Kalyanpur, and keyboard wiz Frank Martin.

Lustful Elephants Trumpet Spring (L.E.T.S.) was composed by Matthew Montfort after studying Rag Basant, a springtime raga that captures the feeling of separated lovers longing to unite.

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The caption on an associated ragamala painting read: “Bound with a peacock’s feathers…his face is as a flower. Elephant-like, he joyfully wanders in the forest among the gopis. Such is Basant raga.” Montfort woke up in the middle of the night dreaming of a melody that conjures elephants in mating season. It begins with a low riff that depicts an elephant’s legs, and then moves to a jump from low to high like an elephant trumpeting in excitement. The piece quickly became a part of Ancient Future’s live repertoire, and a studio version is in production.

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