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Arrizza – Astronomia


Multi-instrumentalist and New Age/World guitarist, Arrizza, has released a new concept album Astronomia. It is a culmination of two years of composition and experimentation of fresh new sounds and thematic ideas born out of his love of space and astronomy.

In this album, Arrizza explores various themes of space origins in such titles as Constellation and Escape Velocity. Driving rhythms and pulsating sequences dominate the majority of the work without being overwhelming as lovely piano/keyboard leads and harmonies overlay the rich sonic textures that are reminiscent of early Jean-Michel Jarre works.

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Drawing from his guitaristic roots, songs such as Occultation, Space Surfing or First Light feature soulful guitar rhythms and leadwork that complements the equally emotional keyboards prevalent on the album.

Arrizza says “I have always wanted to record an album that is connected deeply to my lifelong admiration of space. I had attempted to capture the futuristic themes of space travel and pondering upon the Unknown. Pieces such as First Light capture the beauty and awesome wonder of the Cosmos and this song, in particular, I hope to capture a very personal look into the Universe.”

Arrizza is a Spanish guitarist and multi-instrumental composer from Long Island, NY who started his musical career back in 2014 with his first eponymous album, Arrizza. He has since released two following albums, Electronic Dreams and Astronomia, along with a couple of singles. One of them has also earned him a nomination of “Best Contemporary Instrumental Single” for the 2022 OWMR awards.

To find out more about Arrizza and his music, visit his website: arrizzamusic.com.