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Astral Flowers – Cantos das Profundezas – Out Today


Astral Flowers new album “Cantos das Profundezas” is the follow-up album from the 2018 “New Paradigm”, in which they have set a solid footprint over the last years in the medicine music scene.

Astral Flowers is Txai Fernando and Bastiaan Kamãvena musical project. A vast range of enchanted world music is woven together, where all colours of the rainbows are honoured and given expression to. Sacred indigenous chants, ancient melodies & hymns, circle songs straight from the heart, multi-instrumental journeys that help to arrive deeper in tune with the messages and wisdom of nature.

Stream and download the album here: https://orcd.co/doqkl90 

The duo released recently the single “Aguila” featuring the beautiful voice of Ayla Schafer. Other guest musicians on the album include Tavo Vazquez (Curawaka), Diego Francisco, Wilma Pistorius, Marileen Lewis, Bastiaans daughter Namira, and Txai Fernandos daughter Clara Soloina.

The album is produced and mixed by Txai Fernando. Besides “Viento Puro”, “Oxum Menininha” and “Espiritu del Agua” the rest of the album is written by Bastiaan Kamãvena. The album is mastered by legendary producer Jock Loveband. Artwork by Marileen Lewis.

Astral Flowers “Cantos das Profundezas” is out today on Nixi Music.