Australian Bushfire Music by Fiona Joy


In support of Australian Firefighters, Fiona Joy has released two singles: “Tolling of the Fire Bell” and “Prelude to Fire” (Chopin, E Minor #4). 100% of funds received from the singles will go to firefights who have risked their own life, many unpaid to save the homes and lives of others in the recent and ongoing bushfires. “I am compelled to help the only way I know how – music,” says Fiona. “My home has survived to date – as has my village (Kendall NSW) and for that I’m grateful.”

Here are the singles:

To support the Australian Firefighters, purchase the singles on Bandcamp.

“The fires have been horrendous and that last I heard we have lost over 6,000 homes and buildings, 50 million acres and 1 billion animals, not sure of the human death toll, but its all climbing and its very scary. Its almost like we don’t know how to process it and when people ask about the fires, we aren’t really sure what to even say,” says Fiona.”Australians are positive by nature and we have a way of pushing the devastation aside and moving forward as best we can. We have so many homeless people, and lots of houses were not insured. Many people don’t insure here due to high costs. The real reasons for the fires are dry weather conditions and highly flammable eucalyptus oil that means our bush just ignites into tsunami-like bushfires. When its fuelled by high winds it is hard to stop it. We have so much natural forest here that the firefighters find it hard to pull it up before it gets to urban areas.”

Here is the Facebook page Fiona set up to facilitate the bushfire fundraising: