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Ayla Schafer – Guiding and Protecting (Nils Olav Remix)


The new single by Ayla Schafer is called Guiding and Protecting (Nils Olav Remix). The moving lyrics from Ayla tell us of the deeper levels of our being. It reminds us that this connection is always present in the form of guidance that is supporting our path home.

Nils Olav comes from a background of being an internationally touring club DJ who has gone through his own transformation these last years and has been deeply touched by this emerging world of organic, heart-centered dance music. Not only has he stepped powerfully into this role of a new paradigm music producer, he also runs the highly revered medicine music label Nixi Records which has supported the voices of many of the top musicians offering their medicine to the world through sound including Ayla’s most recent album Silent Voices.

Sample the single and find it on your favorite streaming service:

Nils shares himself: “Guiding & Protecting was one of my fave songs from Ayla’s album Silent Voices. I always visioned it could work in a slightly more groove-based version. So happy she gave me the opportunity to do so.”

For more information and music samples, visit aylaschafer.co.uk.